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About Us

Land Logistics will provide you with professional, reliable support services to meet any of your planning and development needs.

In choosing Land Logistics, you will be provided a full range of services by our professional staff:

Consistent, professional performance
Advocacy for our clients
Substantial professional experience in the planning, development and environmental fields
Extensive SMARA (surface mining) inspection and reporting experience
Ability to address the most complex of land development, political and policy issues
Credible, results-oriented, representation of your planning and development interests
Innovative, creative approaches to problem-solving, responding to client needs and interests

Planning Services

Land Logistics provides a full array of Planning services to meet any of your planning and development needs. Our experienced staff can step in and provide immediate assistance in:

Planning Staffing
Interim and long-term, from entry level to senior management
Development Application and Project Management
Subdivisions (Vesting Tentative Maps, Parcel Maps)
General Plan Amendments
Annexations and Sphere of Influence Adjustments
Planned Unit Developments
Specific Plans and Master Plans
Urban Development and Infill/Mixed-Use Projects
Site Planning
Conditional Use Permits
Design Review
Building Permits
Development Feasibility Studies
User and Development Impact Fee Analyses
Preparation and review of CEQA and NEPA documentation, including:
Initial Studies
Mitigated Negative Declarations and EIRs
Mitigation Monitoring
Meeting and Public Agency Coordination
Public and Neighborhood Meeting Facilitation
Project Management
General Plan Updates
Including focused as well as comprehensive updates
Zoning Ordinance updates and preparation of various municipal code ordinances
Development Agreements
Public sector clients have included:
City of Calistoga
City of Clearlake
City of Crescent City
City of Fremont
City of Lincoln
City of Patterson
City of Richmond
City of San Bruno
City of Santa Rosa
City of Stockton
City of Tracy
City of Ukiah
City of Yuba City
County of Butte
County of Mendocino
County of Napa
County of San Louis Obispo
County of Santa Clara
County of Siskiyou
County of Solano
County of Sonoma
County of Ventura
County of Yolo

Fire Recovery

Our senior staff has extensive experience in assisting local agencies with fire recovery, including the Counties of Mendocino, where our ongoing work has focused on:

Coordination of debris removal
Rebuilding efforts
Preparation of urgency ordinances
Overseeing coordination between various County departments, regional, state and Federal agencies
Long-range planning for resiliency planning

Our experience includes management and preparation of Multi-Jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plans and updates to County General Plan Safety Elements, as well as oversight of various fire recovery grants.

Surface Mining Inspections and Reporting

Land Logistics has extensive experience in the implementation and oversight of local agency Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA) programs. SMARA was enacted by the State Legislature to address the need for a continuing supply of mineral resources, and to prevent or minimize the negative impacts of surface mining on public health, property and the environment.

Expertise in SMARA Compliance

Land Logistics provides a full range of SMARA compliance related services. Land Logistics assists lead agencies to ensure compliance with SMARA lead agency responsibilities including such tasks as review of current entitlements, vested rights determinations, review of financial assurance cost estimates (FACE), financial assurance mechanisms (FAMs) and annual reporting requirements, including annual mine inspections and preparation of inspection reports and report submittal to the Division of Mine Reclamation (DMR).

Our team includes the former Chair of the State Mining and Geology Board, and a registered engineering hydrogeologist formerly with OMR.

Entitlement/Permit Processing and Implementation

Land Logistics can take applications for new mines through the use permit and reclama-tion plan review process. Staff analyzes proposals for compliance with state and local regulations, prepares staff reports and prepares environmental documents, and takes the projects through the entitlement process. Our staff has extensive experience working at both the local and state level to achieve compliance in a changing regulatory environment. Land Logistics also understands that mining operators with limited resources sometimes require guidance to develop creative solutions to achieve compliance with permit conditions and SMARA requirements.

Financial Assurance Services

Financial assurance are required to be reviewed and adjusted annually by the lead agency to determine adequacy based on annual changes in the amount of land that is subject to reclamation and changes in reclamation costs. SMARA requires that financial assurances be adjusted annually and submitted to the lead agency for review and approval prior to submitting them to the State Office of Mine Reclamation for their review and approval.

Land Logistics reviews the current financial assurance cost estimates and financial assurance mechanisms for consistency with the provisions of SMARA and with the requirements of the approved reclamation plans.

Annual Inspections / Report Preparation

SMARA requires that all mine inspections be conducted utilizing a form (MRRC-1) ap-proved by the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB). Land Logistics inspects mine sites at least once in any calendar year, and within six months of the lead agency’s receipt of the surface mining operations report (MRRC-2) submitted by the operator pursuant to PRC §2707. Land Logistics also inspects for compliance with the recla-mation plan, conformance with use permit conditions and checks for any environmental or safety issues that would have to be addressed by the lead agency. Land Logistics also conducts subsequent inspections on those mine sites where deficiencies or violations were noted to verify any corrections.

SMARA Compliance Audits and Education

Land Logistics can also perform internal audits of existing lead agency SMARA programs to determine compliance with the provisions of the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act. This includes a thorough review of approved entitlements, reclamation plans and financial assurances, including the lead agency’s SMARA ordinance as well as its current practices. Land Logistics prepares a report to the lead agency on its findings and recommendations. Land Logistics can also provide training to lead agency staff on the provisions of the administration of SMARA, including the performance of inspections, financial assurance review and the conduct of annual inspections.

Development Services

Land Logistics provides a wide variety of services to the development community, including:

Permitting and entitlements assistance.
Our experienced staff can help you successfully navigate what can sometimes be a challenging permitting process with local agencies.
We handle all types of development projects, including subdivisions, use permits, design reviews, development agreements, General Plan amendments and rezones, CEQA documentation, building permit processing and more.
Due diligence studies, including property acquisition evaluations, development feasibility studies, fee studies, site constraints analyses and environmental review.
Project management.
We can assist or take a lead role in managing basic or the most complex of development projects, from application filing, agency and community meetings, public hearings and project implementation.
Expertise in:
  • Residential, Commercial and Mixed-use developments
  • Wineries (new wineries winery expansions, tasting rooms and special events)
  • Use permits
  • Subdivisions
  • Design review
  • Development Agreements
  • Building permit processing
Private sector clients have included:
Equity Residential
Safeway Property Development Centers
Longs Drugs
Dunmore Capital
Ancient Olive Trees
Guenoc/Langtry Winery

Senior Staff

Brian Millar, AICP

Mr. Millar brings over 30 years of professional planning and development work, both in the public- and private-sectors.

  • Successful roles as Director of Development Services for the City of Tracy, and as Community Development Director for the Cities of Daly City and Winters
  • Multiple contract staffing management roles in multiple Northern California cities
  • Private sector roles as Planning Director and Project Manager
  • Technical expertise in urban and rural planning, site planning, project design, due diligence analyses, environmental reviews, project management, housing and mixed use development, surface mining, and general plan and zoning updates
  • Former Principal, Pacific Municipal Consultants
  • Master of Science degree in Environmental Planning/Physical Geography from Oregon State University, and Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in Geography
  • Member, American Institute of Certified Planners
  • Email:

Ignacio “Nash” Gonzalez, AICP
Senior Associate

Mr. Gonzalez brings over 30 years of planning experience to Land Logistics.

  • Successful roles as Director of Planning and Building for the Counties of Mendocino and Santa Clara
  • Multiple contract staffing management roles in multiple Northern California cities
  • Former Chair, State Mining and Geology Board
  • Extensive experience in SMARA (mining site inspections, reporting and financial assurance reviews)
  • Technical expertise in urban and rural planning, site planning, project design, project management, coastal planning and permitting, and general plan and zoning updates
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Planning from Sonoma State University
  • Member, American Institute of Certified Planners
  • Certified Mine Inspector
  • Author, California Real Estate Economics
  • Email:

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